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This book is not a political book and the author, not being American citizen, would neither intend nor be in a position to relate to American politics. It explains in its first part the ancient Polynesian traditions of Huna and its Seven Principles, Ho´oponopono, Ohana, Talk Story and Dragon Dreaming and shows ways of making use of them in our modern times and lives. In its second part it raises the question if Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America and one of the mightiest men on our planet, can be seen as a Kahuna, an expert in his field, not only because of his Hawaiian descent and upbringing, but also because of using – consciously or unconsciously - many elements of the Polynesian traditions in his speeches and books. The Author has analyzed Obama´s two books, "Dreams of My Father” and "The Audacity of Hope” as well as more than forty relevant speeches by Barack Obama and compared them to other American leader´s speeches. He relates the results to the Seven Huna Principles, to Ho´oponopono, Ohana, Dragon Dreaming and other Polynesian elements and shows that Barack Obama embodies a new type of leader. The book also illustrates that words and messages, once stripped bare of political meanings and brought into the right context,can be timeless thus contributing largely to better our lives, our families, our communities and our entire world – if we only would listen.

Erich J. Kreutzer, born in 1956, is a health care practitioner specialized in Polynesian philosophy and healing methods. He holds a degree in Metaphysics, is an interfaith Reverend and speaker, lectures on the before-mentioned subjects and still sees clients regularly. His intention is to make the ancient wisdom of Polynesia such as Huna or Ho´oponopono accessible for people in our modern world. His simple, yet profound message is, that what has successfully been applied to human lives for thousands of years in Polynesia hasn´t lost its meaning and helps to make our entire world a better one. Kreutzer has been travelling Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States for more than thirty years and currently lives with his wife, a holistic medical doctor, in Vienna, Austria, Europe.